Why an authentic brand story will see your products sell themselves

Consumers often believe that every brand is governed by a single ulterior motive – to sell something, right?

Well maybe not!

When a brand can convincingly argue that profits are just a by-product of a greater purpose, its raison d’etre becomes one of authenticity, elevating it above the competition and, in turn, making it more appealing to consumers.

In the past, businesses could claim virtually anything without fear of being disproved. However, the age of the savvy consumer has forced companies to reconsider their approach and social media has made it much easier to hold companies to account when their products aren’t up to scratch, the service is shoddy or the company exhibits a lack of principles.

In fact, consumers demand that businesses represent something more than just the bottom line! Research has shown that they are more likely to spend money with an authentic brand than with a dishonest one.

But what is brand authenticity?

It can best be described as a set of moral values such as honesty, integrity, consistency and transparency. Some of the most authentic brands hold these values at the core of their business and are never compromised, such as Apple and beautiful design, or Nike and the pursuit of performance. Customers value their integrity and their consistency.

Branding and brand authenticity is no longer a choice for companies who just want to get ahead of the competition. In a Cohn & Wolfe survey to reveal the 100 most authentic brands, it found that 9 out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity – 49% pledging loyalty to the brand and 52% recommending it to others, demonstrating how an authentic brand effectively drives customers to its products and services.

If you need to check the authenticity of your brand, a thorough and expert review of it is essential to effectively measure its performance and potential. You don’t need to be perfect to thrive in the marketplace – you just need to be honest. Striving for authenticity may always be an ongoing task, but there’s no better time than now for your brand to get real.

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