How do you know when it’s time to refresh your brand identity?

When it comes to branding the key word is consistency! Keeping your brand consistent is vital for maintaining consumer confidence in our products or services.

But sometimes, change is a good thing. The key is knowing when.

Like a fresh lick of paint that can revive a dull living room, or a new haircut can boost self-esteem, a rejuvenated image can bring life back to an outdated brand.

The catch is that, unlike changing your hairstyle, a brand refresh isn’t something to do on a whim because you’re bored of it or you’ve received a negative comment. Without a solid strategy, your renovation could turn into a DIY disaster.

When you’re considering a brand refresh, start by asking a few honest questions:

– Why does the brand need a new image?
– How will a refresh help the business?
– What’s involved and what impact will it have on my customers?

A brand is more than just a name and a logo. It’s also your company’s reputation, identity, and public perception. In many cases, companies recognise the need for change but want to preserve the brand’s positive aspects. With that thought in mind, here are 5 reasons you might consider updating the brand:

1. You aren’t getting enough attention
A great brand doesn’t just generate an image for your company; it gives your customers a reason to sit up and take notice. There are plenty of ways to tell whether your audience has moved on from your message, and the first is that you’ve seen a steady decline in sales.

2. You don’t stand out from the competition any more
Making an impact is hard in today’s saturated online marketplace—and copycats are plentiful. Even if you have a great product or service, it won’t be enough if customers can’t distinguish your brand from the other players in your niche. You need to stay ahead.

3. Your company has changed
A founder’s initial vision, and the company that has grown out of it, aren’t always one and the same. Sometimes a brand is born with a particular product or service in mind, then it’ll develop new ones to better serve its audience. Your brand will need to evolve as your businesses grows.

4. Your message is inconsistent
We know how valuable brand consistency is—not just to your customers’ experience, but also to your bottom line. If you want your brand to become a trusted name, then you’ve got to deliver the same, familiar experience whenever customers interact with you. A brand refresh can help to realign your company’s values when they start to lose their way.

5. You want to attract new customers
As your business grows, it’ll find opportunities to expand into different areas that offer new sources of revenue. Sometimes, tapping new markets requires changing your brand voice or image so it appeals to a wider range of customers.

Ultimately, the decision to refresh your brand is yours, but it can be a difficult one. Seeking professional advice from branding experts will help you to reach the right decision more definitively so that your brand is on track to deliver the results you need.

Contact us to carry out a brand review of your business and we can give you professional expert advise on how you go about refreshing your brand.

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