Brand it – so you can market it with meaning

Are you a business who is actively marketing but not seeing the results you thought you would?

When it comes to marketing spend, as a rule of thumb, SMEs should expect to allocate anywhere from 5 – 15% of their gross revenue – and whether you’re a start-up or an established business, that can add up to quite a sizeable sum.

But what if you’re seeing very little return on that investment? How long do you keep it going?

Before we go any further, it’s not my intention to discredit the efforts of your marketing consultant or team. We all know marketing is the essential action of promoting and selling your products or services – that makes absolute sense … so what is the problem?

Well, let’s dive into this: Is marketing dead without branding?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners think there is no need for branding because they don’t view themselves as a big corporation. Or, they believe they already have a brand – after all, they’ve asked someone to design a logo … create marketing materials … produce a website … Aren’t these all the brand? Yes, they are, but what if these decisions were based solely on aesthetics or an incorrect viewpoint about their target audience or competition?

True branding is actually what you do to make people feel a certain way about your business, or perceive your business in a specific way.

Why is that important you might ask?

Branding is knowing your target audience and then presenting yourself and your services/products to them in a way that will help them to choose you over the competition.

In this way, branding helps to significantly endorse your marketing which, in turn, impacts sales. An established brand means customers are choosing you rather than you chasing them and worrying about the effectiveness of your marketing.

Do you want to bring new meaning to your marketing through a powerful brand?

You can begin by downloading our free 4-point guide on Clarifying your Brand for business growth using the form below. Or, if you’d prefer, book a free 30-min Discovery Call on Zoom to have a conversation about whether your brand is having the right impact.

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