Branding is more than just a logo

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We often hear how important branding is for your business – but what is a brand and how does it help a business to grow?


A logo is not a brand

It’s a popular misconception that your logo is your brand. It’s a fair enough mistake to make: after all, a logo is the most recognised part of your brand’s visual identity and is often the first part of your business the outside world will see. But branding goes way beyond this.

Your brand is the way your customer sees you. This will, of course, be down to your logo, your website, or printed brochure… but it can equally be about your customer’s experience of you: everything from how you respond to their custom, to how you answer the phone.


A brand secures business

Once we begin to look at branding in this way, we can begin to see not only how critical it is to a business, but how important it is to get it right so that you are telling the right story to your audience. This, in turn, begins to distinguish you from your competitors.

Your brand should create a powerful and memorable impression with your customers and help them to know what to expect from you – after all, why would someone buy something from you if they have no idea who you are, what you can give them or what you stand for?

When we begin to look at this broader definition of branding, we can see how brands are levers of growth and a powerful asset to any business. But a good brand doesn’t just happen: it’s a creative, strategic and well thought-out business plan. What’s more, failing to spend the necessary time thinking about your brand can not only hinder growth but also have a negative impact on your business.


Think about branding

Here are a few thoughts you might consider when thinking about your brand.

  • Does your brand promote recognition? Is it consistent and easy for customers to recognise. Remember, people are more confident doing business with companies they’re familiar with.
  • Your brand will help set you apart from your competitors, but you should be standing out for the right reasons. What does your brand say about your company’s ethos, presence and value to the customer?
  • A strong brand will generate new business because we love to tell others about the brands we like – brands we wear, brands we eat, brands that leave a positive experience. But we can’t tell someone about a brand we can’t remember.
  • Employee satisfaction. Your team will take pride in a business that has a strong brand vision because there’s a sense of belonging which makes their working day more enjoyable and fulfilling. In turn, they’ll talk about your brand to others, and your business becomes known for its good working culture. This is called Employee Advocacy.


Work with branding experts

Branding agencies are experts in looking at a brand and working out how it works, who’s buying from it, and how it could grow. At Think! we love to work with businesses who want to do more with their brands and understand how important a strong brand is to driving growth. We’ve partnered with businesses large and small to create bespoke brand blueprints that align with the business vision and offer exciting opportunities for growth. If you’re ready to start or restart your brand journey, get in touch.

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