Building a brand that people fall in love with

Building a brand

As a business owner, do you wonder how you can make consumers fall in love with your products and then retain their loyalty?

The answer is by spreading a bit of love … through your brand!

Over the years we’ve seen brands excel in this area – Apple, Disney, Lego. By building a strong and consistent brand, they’ve built strong relationships with their consumers. In turn, consumers have invested in the brand and that is how they have continued to dominate their markets.

Whilst you may not aspire to be a global giant like Disney, your brand is as equally important to your business, and here’s why.

Research has shown that people emotionally connect with brands on a level that is almost equal to their relationships with their nearest and dearest. Think of those hardcore Apple fans who are prepared to camp outside a store hours before the latest iPhone goes on sale. A few years ago, I even dared to surprise my son with something other than the latest Lego set for his 11th birthday – it was hardly removed from the wrapping paper!

So what makes someone fall in love with a brand? Here are a few thoughts on the matter.


1. Build trust

Trust and crediblity have always been the path to true love, even if it takes a little time to get there.

Consumers are overwhelmed with slick advertising images and catchy sales messages – a quick fix marketing strategy for companies whose sales may have taken a hit, but most people desire a more emotional connection from the brands they support. Companies who are able to genuinely connect with their community will have a strategic advantage over those who don’t.

So remember, before your next campaign, consider your motives to see if it’s a genuine move to build trust in your brand or a desperate tactic to compete with the latest show in town. A reputation takes years to build, but a moment to ruin.


2. Exceed expectations

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that brands who outperform, over-deliver and anticipate what their customers need, will stay ahead of the competition.

But what about surprising your audience – going from what they need, to what they really deisre. The idea of going above and beyond is always going to separate the premium from the good.

Businesses that operate purely for profit will never care for their customers in the same way as brand who places greater emphasis on providing a good service or a positive experience. These same profit-driven brands will never make the ‘love level’ and will soon lose customer loyalty when a better or cheaper option comes onto the market.

To retain your customers, exceed their expectations and love them first. It’s surprising how far a little love can go.


3. Set trends

In todays consumer society, people no longer buy something just because they need it, they buy because they want it and because it stands for something.

As a result, the coolest brands are also the ones that are more successful.

One of our greatest human desires is to be accepted and part of something special and brands that help us to do this will be ones that we come to love.


4. Touching your audience

Whilst your brand is the face of your business, a brand touchpoint is the way your brand directly interacts with your audience. Whether that’s that’s through your website, your social media presence or simply through a contract document, your brand should always be present.

Formulating an effective brand strategy will determine the right touchpoints that increase awareness of your business and gain trust in your products. Once you’ve identified these, they can be used to communicate powerful messages that embrace all of the positive things about your brand, nuturing consumer relationships.

It’s no longer enough for people to like your brand – they need to love it! Customer loyalty is worth much more than a single purchase so taking time to build a brand that people love is something every business owner should be focused on.

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